Andreas Bär Is a German composer and saxophonist, who is working on serious music with the constraints of breath and melodies. Of course it is obvious that his compositions are made for wind instruments and Voice. Also some are accompanied with percussion, string and other Instruments, but they are mostly build around Voice and Winds. Specially woodwinds. So, with his Label a:bär:music, he only produces music for woodwind and voice. His Idea to be able to perform music in every location independent from settings that are given there, leads him to compositions like Flurries, auf liebend seliger Schwinge and Arabesken for Solo Saxophone. To the Kargen Lieder for deep voice and wood, to Saxophone Quartets like Blumen, to woodwind quintets like Sept Morceaux Irreguliers and to 5 Stücke for deep voice and woodwind quintet. But there are also works for Orchestra like Und Morgen Wird Die Sonne Wieder Scheinen, Neue Music und Abendlied. He also made several CD`s with the Pianist Bernd Köppen who died in November 2014. Together with him he did a special kind of free improvisation. They were touring to Moskau and Tschelyabinsk and around Germany, sometimes together with the Bassist Kent Carter and the Drummer Bill Elgart.


Below you can follow to his Compositions and Audio Productions.

You can buy all of that in his shop a:bär:music - sorry but those pages are not in English.